The postnatal or postpartum period— the time right after you have your baby — can be both exciting and somewhat nerve-wracking. Plan for how you can safely care for you and your baby. Taking steps to prepare to care for your baby and yourself will help ease worries you may have about what will happen after you give birth. This section contains tools and information you, your healthcare team, and your support system can use to plan to care for you and your new baby.

Postpartum & Epilepsy Topics

  • Breastfeeding & Epilepsy: Plan how you’ll feed your baby. Research shows it’s safe to breastfeed when you take anti-seizure medications (ASMs), and breastfeeding is beneficial for both you and your baby. 
  • Postpartum Care: Make a plan to enlist the help of other adults — your partner, family, friends, or hired caregivers — to assist and support you in caring for your baby.
  • Tapering Anti-seizure Medication (ASM): Plan to taper your ASM dose after you give birth. Many people with epilepsy change their ASM dose during pregnancy. It’s important to work with your epilepsy care team to adjust your dose back to your pre-pregnancy dose after you give birth.
  • Postpartum Safety & Support: Plan for how to safely carry, bathe, and change your baby while ensuring you’re getting the care and rest you need.

Common Questions about Postpartum & Epilepsy

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