The Epilepsy & Pregnancy Medical Consortium (EPMC) brings together current, relevant, trusted research and guidance to shape a new era of pregnancy care for people with epilepsy. Our recommendations are backed by studies including pregnancy registries around the world and the Maternal Outcomes and Neurodevelopmental Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs (MONEAD) study and the Neurodevelopmental Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs (NEAD) study. These studies and their compelling findings lay the foundation for evidence-based care that makes a difference in the lives of people with epilepsy who want to have babies.

Meet our Experts

Leveraging their extensive experience and expertise, our clinicians are at the forefront of pregnancy health and epilepsy care and research. Their deep understanding and clinical experience ensures that you have access to comprehensive insights spanning prenatal planning to postnatal support, empowering people with epilepsy to advocate for their care and providing clinicians with the knowledge needed to work appropriately with their patients and their support systems to plan their pregnancies and deliver healthy babies.

The Clinicians

Our Advisory Panel

EPMC is privileged to have support, expertise, and strategic thought partnership from medical advisors across the fields of pregnancy and epilepsy.