Choosing a Specialist for Pregnancy Care for People With Epilepsy 

When you’re preparing for your pregnancy, one of your many decisions will be choosing the specialist who will oversee your care, including your labor and delivery. Typically, this person is an obstetrician or obstetrician-gynecologist (an OB or OB-GYN). Your OB-GYN is responsible for monitoring your pregnancy as well as your physical and mental health after you deliver.

People with Epilepsy Can Have Vaginal Deliveries

Having epilepsy alone isn’t a reason for a C-section. Vaginal deliveries account for approximately two-thirds of deliveries in the United States, and unless there are obstetric reasons for a C-section, pregnant patients with epilepsy can deliver vaginally.

Common Questions About Choosing an OB-GYN for Pregnancy Care for People With Epilepsy

Consult With Your Doctor

We understand the importance of a healthy pregnancy. And we know that finding the right professionals to guide you through your journey is crucial. That’s why choosing an OB-GYN is an important thing to consider. 

Download our Pregnancy Planning With Epilepsy - Questions to Ask Your Doctors, and bring a copy to your appointments to help guide your conversations and get the answers you need.

Use our Epilepsy and Pregnancy Appointment Calendar to track your doctor appointments, key milestones, and upcoming activities all in one place.

You can also use the Epilepsy Foundation Seizure Diary to track your seizures and share the information with your doctor.

Educating yourself on how an OB-GYN can offer an added layer of safety to your pregnancy, can make things much easier, less stressful, and safer, for you and your baby.

Reviewed by: Laura Kirkpatrick, MD, September 2023