Folic Acid Is Helpful for People with Epilepsy

For people with epilepsy, taking folic acid and other supplements regularly can help reduce certain risks and promote healthy pregnancy outcomes.

Commons Questions About Folic Acid & Other Supplements

Consult With Your Doctor

We understand the importance of having a healthy pregnancy. But we also know how having epilepsy can increase your stress about becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby.

Educating yourself about folic acid and the other supplements you will need before, during, and after pregnancy can make that journey much easier, less stressful, and safer, for you and your baby.

Download our Epilepsy Diagnosis and Living With Epilepsy - Questions to Ask Your Doctors, and bring a copy to your appointments to help guide your conversations and get the answers you need.

You can also use the Epilepsy Foundation Seizure Diary to track your seizures and share the information with your doctor.

Reviewed by: Laura Kirkpatrick, MD, September 2023